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Clouds 1975 03 08

March 8, 1975. Near Carlisle, Cumberland. A showery day with large cumulus clouds, which became patchy stratocumulus by the afternoon. Wave clouds formed over the mountains after sunset.

Clouds 1974 22 skyline 02

March 16, 1974. Sutton Valence, Kent. A fine day with long sunny periods and a fresh westerly wind. In the late afternoon, a mass of cirrus in the south and west moved rapidly west. Next day was wet.

Clouds 1974 07

March 20, 1974. Camden Square, London. A fine day with small cumulus, which sprouted spindly towers in the late afternoon before clearing after sunset

Clouds 1975 04 08 skyline

April 8, 1975. Waterloo Bridge, London. After a clear morning, cumulus clouds developed into cumulonimbus, with heavy snow and sleet showers in a cold north-westerly wind.

Clouds 1981 04 12

April 12, 1981. Marden, Kent. A fine, warm day. Cirrus streams radiated from a point on the south-west horizon after sunset.

Clouds 1981 04 13

April 13, 1981. Camden, London. A cool, cloudy day with a fresh north-westerly wind. In the evening, a dense stratocumulus overcast showed a base of curious smooth curved rolls and undulations

Cloudsnew 1974 21 skyline

April 14, 1974. Sutton Valence. An extensive stratocumulus layer extending from north to south advanced from the east during a very fine afternoon, breaking up into long rolls and then into scattered patches.

Clouds 1979 05 02 skyline

May 2, 1979. Camden, London. A cold day with a fresh northerly wind. Cumulonimbus clouds built up in the afternoon, with showers and a sharp thunderstorm at 6:30 p.m. Large mammatus bulges formed at the edge of a retreating shower cloud. Up to 5 inches of snow fell in the north of England on May 1.

Cloudsnew 1976 05 20 skyline

May 20, 1976. Regent’s Park, London. A showery day with towering cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds, and a thunderstorm in the late afternoon.

Clouds 1981 05 21

May 21, 1981. Marden, Kent. A cloudy day with dark cumulus and extensive altocumulus, which was vividly illuminated after sunset.

Clouds 1988 05 29

May 29, 1988. Mildenhall, Suffolk. A cool day with heavy showers. In the afternoon, a long roll or arch of dark cloud passed from north to south across Mildenhall airfield, between two showers.