Clouds 1983 06 05

June 5, 1983. Marden, Kent. An unsettled day with frequent thunder. A storm at 7 p.m. with brilliant lightning and reverberating thunder for three hours. Golfball-sized hailstones were reported in the South of England

Clouds 1982 06 28

June 28, 1982.
Lewisham, Kent. About noon, a line of thunderstorms on a cold front moved eastwards across north Kent.

Clouds 1985 07 06

July 6, 1985.
Marden, Kent. A very fine day with flocks of small fair-weather cumulus clouds.

Clouds moonlight

July 9, 1976.
Sutton Valence, Kent. Extensive altocumulus soon covered the sky and lasted all day, illuminated by moonlight at night.

Clouds 1974 07 11

July 11, 1974.
Camden, London. A thin translucent layer of altocumulus cloud covered the sky for most of the day, with ragged fragments of cumulus below.

Cloudsnew 1974 07 24

July 20, 1974. St. Agnes, Cornwall. A cloudy morning with showers, becoming very fine in the afternoon.

Clouds Marden T-storm

July 20, 1985. Marden, Kent. An unsettled cool day. Towering cumulus and huge cumulonimbus clouds filled the sky, with showers and distant thunder. A moderate thunderstorm with driving rain in the afternoon.

Clouds t-storm

August 4, 1975. Brean Sands, Somerset. A fine, hot day. `The temperature reached 93 degrees (F.) in parts of the country. An intense thunderstorm, lit up by sheet lightning, after dark.

Clouds Marden TS 1987

August 21, 1987. Marden, Kent. Hot, humid and cloudless until evening, when altocumulus increased from the south. Violent thunderstorms after dark. A fall of Sahara dust in London on August 19.

Clouds 1974 08 25

August 25, 1974. Sutton Valence, Kent. A layer of thin stratocumulus in the morning with clear sky in the east. Cumulus formed in the clear area and rose into the layer, which became denser until it broke up into cumulus.