Clouds 1991 12 14

December 14, 1991. Marden, Kent. A very fine, frosty, cloudless day. Smoke from a bonfire after sunset flattened under a strong stable air layer about 100 feet up.

Clouds 1974 12 26

December 26, 1974.
Sutton Valence, Kent. A cloudy day with banks of dark stratocumulus. Occasional gleams of sunshine broke through in the form of crepuscular rays.

Clouds 1987 01 12

January 12, 1987.
Marden, Kent. Snow began to fall on January 9, and by the morning of the 12th it was 8.6 inches (22 cm.) deep, undrifted. The fluid in an alcohol thermometer was shrunken into the bulb. The day was cloudless but for a haze bank in the north.

Clouds 1981 02 01

February 1, 1981.
Marden, Kent. A fine, springlike cloudless day after early morning fog cleared. A fiery orange glow in the west after sunset. 8.7 hours of sunshine and a maximum temperature of 59 F. were recorded in London.

Clouds 1985 02 10

February 10, 1985.
Marden, Kent. Snow fell during most of the 9th, and was frozen by the morning of the 10th. A cloudless, very cold day with a fresh easterly wind. A wind chill of -25 degrees reported. Most of the country was snow covered.

Clouds 1977 02 14

February 14, 1977. Near East Malling, Kent. The Medway Valley beneath an early morning layer of fog.