September blows soft, -
Till the fruit's in the loft.


GNP Sept hurricane
A hurricane at Biscayne Bay, Florida, September, 1948

September 1
1859 Carrington observed telescopically an outburst of white light on the face of the Sun. The solar flare was followed by a great aurora and magnetic storms.
September 2
1845 Iceland's most famous volcano, Hekla, erupted after a lull of 77 years. Fine ash fell in the Orkney Islands.
September 3
1771 Fish five to six inches (13 to 15 cm.) long fell during a heavy thunderstorm at Colbus in Germany.
September 4
1511 Nearly 100 pounds of meteoritic stones fell at Crema, Italy, during a violent thunderstorm. A man, sheep, and birds were killed.
September 5
1940 Cunningham discovered a 13th magnitude comet which was predicted to reach magnitude -2.6. In November the comet's brightness increase failed; it only reached 3.
September 6
AD 543 "A disastrous earthquake shook the known world."
September 7
1828 A meteor seen from Ribblesdale in Yorkshire increased in size until it was as large as the Moon and as bright as the Sun.
September 8
1820 A 'coastal typhoon' (tornado) passed over Sevastopol from south to north. Buildings were wrecked, boats sunk, and a forest destroyed.
September 9
1430 Chinese observers saw a comet in Canis Minor which appeared as a large round ball of a dark blue colour. It was visible 26 days.
September 10
1813 A meteorite shower totalling 106 lbs. (48 kg.) fell at Adare in Ireland. The largest fragment was the 'Limerick Stone' of 65 lbs. (29 kg.) See here.
September 11
1271 Most of the city of Canterbury in Kent was 'swept away' by a nocturnal 'cloudburst' or heavy downpour of rain.
September 12
1944 A great hurricane in the Atlantic, 800 miles (1,287 km.) wide. 390 persons were killed, mostly at sea.
September 13
1922 A temperature of 136° F. (58° C.) was recorded at Azizia, Libya,at an elevation of 380 feet.
September 14
1736 A blood-red 'star' like a comet appeared in an overcast sky over Constantinople at 2 pm. It was seen for 35 minutes.
September 15
1833 Charles Darwin recorded a violent hailstorm in Argentina, with stones as large as small apples. Many birds and animals were killed.
September 16
1770 Captain Cook recorded a great red aurora australis. This aurora was visible from Timor, 10 degrees south of the equator.
September 17
1885 An earthquake shook Melbourne in Australia at 2.45 am. Doors and windows rattled and sleepers woke. A rumbling and rushing sound was heard.
September 18
1906 Hong Kong was wrecked by a four-hour typhoon which sank 9 steamers and thousands of sampans and junks. About 10,000 people were killed.
September 19
1926 The temperature reached 90° F. (32° C.) at Camden Square, London.
September 20
1839 A fall of live fish in a straight line, not more than a cubit in breadth, near Calcutta.
September 21
1804 A great hurricane in Puerto Rico called the San Mateo, which remained long in the memory of the people.
September 22
1773 An electrical rain at Skara in Sweden. Raindrops 'struck fire and sparkled' on hitting the ground.
September 23
1935 A hailstorm with a track 335 km. (208 miles) long from Wales to Norfolk.
September 24
1875 Three people walking over a field at Llanilar in Wales left luminous footprints which were traced back several yards. No glow-worms were found.
September 25
1885 Snow was reported to have fallen in London.
September 26
1950 The Sun and Moon appeared blue from many places in Britain. A thick brown haze from vast forest fires in Canada was found at a height of six miles. (10 km.)
September 27
1858 Mr. Usherwood, an artist of Walton Common, photographed Donati's Comet with a 7-second exposure. The image was 'somewhat imperfect.'
September 28
1759 Birth of the Mexican volcano Jurullo. A dome 1,670 feet (509 m.) high rose, and flames burst from the earth for miles round the new volcano.
September 29
1538 The Monte Nuevo volcano appeared in the Phlegraean Fields of Italy after the region had been shaken by a year of earthquakes.
September 30
1880 Professor H. Draper obtained the first photograph of a nebula, M42 in Orion.