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The fall of a lightning ball

A ‘body of fire’ from a ‘fiery cloud’ exploded the powder magazine of Athlone Castle, Ireland, 27 October 1697. The town was devastated, although only 7 persons were killed.

BL London

Ball lightning over St. John’s Wood, London, 26 June 1921

An incandescent pear-shaped body hovered beneath the clouds of a slow-moving nocturnal thunderstorm. It was visible for at least two minutes.

BL Klonos

A ball lightning visitor, Linguy (Eure-et-Loire), France, 1897

An explosion in a chimney before the fireball appeared drove bricks into the wall of the couple’s bedroom

BL Milan

Pursuit of a lightning ball, Milan, June 1841

A reddish-yellow fireball, chased by a group of men and boys, drifted down a street during a thunderstorm.


The Malvern Hills Horror
During a thunderstorm on the Worcestershire Beacon, July 3, 1826, a huge ball of ‘electric fire’ rolled into a stone shelter and burst through the opposite wall. Two persons were killed and others injured.

BL JPA 1887
‘Rare Electrical Phenomenon at Sea’, March 19, 1887
During a violent storm in the North Atlantic Ocean, a bright and dark object were seen above the barque J.P.A. The bright body fell into the sea, raising a huge wave. The atmosphere then became intolerably hot, yet solid lumps of ice fell on deck.

Cat BL

The Tailor of Paris and his visitor, summer 1843
During a thunderstorm, a small shining globe entered the tailor’s room via the chimney, explored the floor, then rose and left via a stovepipe (after removing the paper covering it). Once back in the open air, the globe exploded, destroying a chimney.

Matrix Cloud

Ball Lightning Incident